@gogreen18 So if you find out you have it, you can’t *touch* anyone or risk giving it to them, let alone have sex?

Photo: greenwickpress: gradientlair: FACT. And you should probably get a new job. tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1E12Lpn

“This is the rape joke: My best friend was four years old the first time his father came into his room…” tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1E11sSa

Photoset: symphonyofaloser: ch0rdate: chacha-again: sizvideos: Who needs traffic lights? Not the drivers in… tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1E0-j9C

Video: alchemyprime: How non-creepy fans should react to the bad eggs in their fandoms. tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1E0-Sow

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