Proteus Prescot

From LJ archive: 01/30/2008 13:56:00

So, weird dream last night. All in the style of a short film. Here it is, retouched a very small amount for consistancy.

Starring Simon Pegg. “Proteus Prescot”.

So Pegg exits a florists carrying a massive collection of bunchs of flowers, each with a barcode label hanging off it, next shot he enters an office block with the flowers. Next shot he leaves looking annoyed with the bunch much reduced.
Dumping the remaining flowers in a bin, he picks up his mobile and dials as someone races out of the building after him, looking disheveled. Pegg calls for a taxi and it imediatly bleeps back “You have been assigned auto-taxi 52”. While this happens though the guy from the office starts franticly telling him it ment nothing, presumably with Pegg’s girlfriend. Pegg yells at him and storms up to the taxi pulling in. The taxi has the number 42 on the rear, but because of the yelling he’s misheard the number so gets right in. The android at the wheel turns to him and does the stilted “where to?”
“The usual.” Pegg answers, still annoyed and gives the guy outside the finger as the taxi drives off.

A bump wakes him. The sun has gone down and Pegg dropped off in the back seat. Outside the taxi is driving down a country dirt track, surrounded by high hedgerows on each side, no streetlights anywhere.
“Where are we??” He asks the android driver, sudenly worried. “Almost there.” says the android as the track opens out to the front of a small cottage with warm yellow lights in the windows.
“No, this ins’t my home. You’re not my cab, are you?” He demands, pressing his phone against some sort of reader in the back of the drivers seat. The driver pauses for a momment. “I’m sorry sir, there is currently no signel to authenticate your ID. Please call the help line to obtain an override code.”
So Pegg gets out of the cab and wanders around abit with his phone, unable to get a signel. He walks up to the door of the cottage.
The door flys open and a crazy large 60yo-or-so woman in a folk-music style hat with bells on is on the other side. She manhandles him into the room. “Ah! There you are! Ahah! Come, come sit!”
She pushes Pegg down onto a wooden stool and goes back to sitting right next to a huge old wooden-case TV set with Inspector Morse showing on it. Beside her laying on a chaise-longe is a 50 or so year-old man with a bushy greying beard, and on the other side of the TV a dull-witted looking man with a shorter beard and huge beergut sits up to the navel in a tin bath, aparently naked. The man on the sofa starts jabbing the lady with various pointed objects, to which she alternatly replies, “Yes, that hurts, no that feels good, that one too..” all while not looking away from the TV.
Pegg sits there speachless, struck dumb, crouched up to avoid touching anything.
The man in the tub gets up and simply states, “I need to go have a bath”, walking across in front of Pegg and into another room to his right. The man is indeed utterly naked, but his gut covers his crotch at the front. At the rear though the man has a tail. As if a pigs tail had begun to grow, then carried on in the style of the the occasional genetic throwbacks, giving it an unpleasent broken look.
As Pegg can’t help but let his eyes follow the man out of the room, he spots an old cork noticeboard beside the door covered in newscuttings, but most prominantly is a faded red activists poster. As he stares at it, the camera zooms in on portion of the text. Something like, “these changes to be implimented by Prescot in the handling of genetic materials are feared could lead to escape and contamination of the local genomes, leading to dangerous mutations”.
He turns back to the ‘couple’ and sees the man is now pressing a jagged chunk of ice into the womans spine. “No, that’s good, good, no actually it hurts. It hurts. IT HUUURTS!!” She works up to a scream. Pegg stands and edges toward the door as she cries out again, “Well, was nice to meet you, I’ll see myself out.” he says to the mutants. The old woman looks up to him cheerfully and says, “Oh, take care deary.. oh no, wait.. DON’T LET HIM GET AWAY!!”
Pegg bolts for the door as the man stands up and a violent splash is heard from the next room.
He sprints across the small lawn and into the back of the cab, yelling, “Go, go, go!!”
“Please enter the override code.” The android cabbie replies calmly.
“I don’t have it, this is an emergency, just get us out of here!”
The engine starts and the lights come on, but the two men are out of the house. The huge naked man is on the bonnet and the other is at Pegg’s door, rocking the car violently as he locks it. “A person is blocking the way. We cannot move until they have safely disengaged the vehicle.” The driver answers, adding sadly, “Sorry about this. It’s my programming, you see.”
As Pegg claws open the seperator between the driver and passenger compartment, climbing through and trying to pull the android out of his seat, we see him look up as the old man aproaches with a concrete flowerpot above his head. As Pegg screams, still trying to pullie the robo-cabbie free, the last thing we see is the flowerpot being thrown at the windscreen. It cuts to black with the sound of smashing glass.

Bloody, violent success.

From my LJ Archive

Last night I dreamt the world had gone to pot. A post-apocalypse central London, power here and there, collapsed concrete buildings and burning rubble. I was looking for something, climbing through abandoned buildings. I found a person, a guard of some sort. Maybe for a group who’d set up their own authority. There was fighting, he had bladed knuckledusters with him and managed to gouge me in the back with the end of one. I had a samurai sword in my hand, but he was behind me. I had to stab him with it without him seeing me prepare to. So decided to run it through myself just above the collarbone, but below the muscle, and get him in the head as it came out. The shot went wrong, he saw it coming, and I think I just nicked him. Somehow I fought and killed him. I don’t think this was the first time in the dream I’d done such a thing.
I went to a window and was looking out onto a partially lit Picadily Circus, and a “make-up girl” came to tend to me. Like this was real, but also being filmed as a reality TV or movie. My shoulder wound had been stitched or glued, and so had my back.
I can feel the small bit of dried blood on my skin by my armpit, and the much larger amount that had run down my back, cracking and flaking as I moved. Even the ache in my muscles and stinging numbness from the wounds.
The weird thing is how good it felt. And yes, I was wearing a classic Bruce Willis white vest.

This has been the polar opposite of my usual fight dreams. Usually I get into a fight and my muscles become numb, heavy, I struggle to move or put any force into defence or attack. Here I was surviving, succeeding, strong.

Of sheds and Garden Bears…

From my LJ Archive

Last night I dreamt of the allotment. All bloody night. Obviously can’t remember it all, but some of the highlights were my brother driving the car through the pedestrian entrance, over three allotments just to dump some stuff on ours. Then leaving the same way.
Built a big shed with power somehow. Got into a fight over cutting that tree down. And right at the end saw a “garden bear”, which was apparently quite normal. It looked like a cross between a brown bear and a giant tree sloth. I went up to it as it was going back over the fence and it pounced on me like a big slow puppy and started licking me. ¬_¬
I think there was someone/thing there through the whole dream mocking me/my work/being unhelpful at every stage, which I was ignoring. I think it may have been me, though I’m not quite sure. It’s pretty vague. It might also have been Sci.

Return of the weakness..

From my LJ Archive

Had another one of those dreams last night. The ones where I get into a fight or a confrontation and suddenly I have no strength in me. No matter hard I punch, push or hit, it’s trivial to whoever I’m up against. They can literally brush it off. My hardest punch would only ruffle their clothes.

I hate dreams like this. They make me wake up feeling sick and helpless. And angry.

I got a new hat in the dream. It was a binocular hat. There were lenses mounted in the forehead and at the back, so if you took the hat off you could use it like binoculars. It had a very WW2 era vibe about it. In fact, the whole dream did. There was some sort of adventuring-come-conspiracy storyline at first, then edged into some huge rambling concrete building.
At one point I took the hat off and looked through it, because I knew an artist I liked was in the facing building. The artist doesn’t really exist. Good thing too, because when I looked through, he was dressed in a Nazi bike-messengers uniform, sitting astride a period bike, while his boyfriend in an SS outfit took him from behind. I think they spotted me too. o_o;

Next thing I know I’m in some sort of training room, and these guys have taken my hat and scarf and won’t give it back. I try to get it back, but they want to use it as a goalpost for a game of football. A fight ensues, and the weakness starts again..
they give me a tray and tell me to pick up anything useful from that corner. I try to break the tray over a bench-mounted vice, but can’t even do that. Full force and it barely cracks a thin plywood tray. A wide one with plenty of angular momentum.
I woke up clutching and wrestling with the leader guy/my duvet, panting and snarling.

I preferred the adventuring part of the dream. It was like watching a movie then. Some poor teenage girl whose father had gone missing on this south-American jungle trek, and the secretive organisation following her. There was this sort of giant V for Vendetta mask, but abut 2.5meters tall, and in gold, with a sort of curled slug-tail. And it hovered. It also moved fast and had powers to transform things. One of these Ancient Tech devices. Her father had a confrontation with it while piloting a much smaller one of these moving face-buggys, but it zapped him very shortly and transformed his buggy into a kind of plasma-screen on a trolley, and shrunk him down to about 8inches tall. He hopped out and ran, because the screen fell over and began shorting out. Then it exploded and he escaped in the confusion, I think. Somehow this led to a golden glasses-case, which turned into my binocular hat as the dream changed and went on..

The BIG dream

From my LJ Archive

I had some perculier dreams last night. I kept waking up through the night, so one dream merged into the next rather oddly.

I seem to recall the first dream started by meeting a woman named “Ed”. She was cheerful and dark-haired, and allow about a foot taller than me. She though I was cute because of that.
So, we were trapped in this kinda hell/nexus. It was all like a drably coloured cartoon of HR Geiger, filled with Buffy/StarWars/Cartoon style abstract monsters. There was some bargaining with some, and a lot of fighting. I can’t recall if there were weapons involved. There was certainly punching and ripping bare-handed. There was a boss-creature there though, in command. Looked like and acid-yellow jellyfish flopped on the ground.
I think we escaped, but left someone else behind. There was an odd “dimensional folding”. Perhaps they got tired of us?
So, me and Ed became trapped in this otherworldly swamp.
I wonder that perhaps it was a construct, or somewhere between worlds. There was a central marshy island, covered in crab-grass. You couldn’t walk on it though. Too soft. But there was the house-boat.
The boat was built on a square barge, and was rotting apart at the seams. The white wood was criss-crossed by mold and algea, and one side was half-sunk into the water. I felt like it was the final attempt of someone to occupy this non-place. The entire world couldn’t have been more than 75meters across and 100 wide. On the other side of the water, there was another marshy bank, then nothing. It just seemed to fall away, like the whole thing had been built in some huge plastic tub, and beyond that bank was the edge of the container.
The water wasn’t all taht deep I suppose, at least not properly. It was filled with wreakage and debris. Bits of wood, old sunken boats and submerged roots. A cesspool. But there was no life here, other than the long-grasses.
The sky was a perpetual grey miasma. No day, no night, just shadowless grey light.
And there were the monsters.
Perhaps this place was a stop between worlds, or an area of space left-over in the universe. But the creatures from the hell-place came through. They folded into the little world, and would terrorise us. They’d never get too close, but they’d half-heartedly tug at the houseboat, and pull bits of wood from it. We’d end up standing on the boading ramp which rested up onto the highest part of the marshy bank, watching them. Perhaps we were safe there? They only remained in the water, and only breifly appeared inside the house.
After what seemed like a long time, and perhaps we’d returned breifly here and there to that hell-place, we saw an aircraft. A bright red sea biplane. I quickly lit up the old stove, and put on some damp wood, sending up a streamer of white smoke.
I take my hat off to the pilot of this cherry-red craft. He circled a couple of times, then throttled back sharpy, barely keeping airspeed. He banked and landed sharpy on the clearer side of the waterway. Perhaps he had some water-brakes too, as he slowed rapidly. the aircraft coasted up toward the house, and myself and Ed stepped back far up onto the ramp, afraid it wouldn’t stop in time and would hit the side of the decrepid houseboat.
The chunky little aircraft stopped inches short, the pilot grinning from under the leather cap and old brass-rimmed goggles.
I was in a house, and safe. We’d been rescued.
We’d been training. We were better prepared now. And we were going back to get who we’d left behind. But first, we needed to be tested.
There was a little model of a world in the hammok in the upstairs spare room. When you came up to it though, for it was above my own head height, it seemed that you were raised up to look over it. You eyes fell apon it, and kept looking closer. The more you looked the more detail you could see. The caught yourself, and realised you were flying. A whole planet hung before you in the same grey miasma. Bright and colourfull though against it, like the photo of a tropical beach. As I looked around myself, I realised there were others around me. Ed, and others from the house, flying in formation through the clouds of mist. Leading us was.. a small turtle with wings, and a set of aviators goggles.
There was no wind as we flew, it just was.
At some point, I realised I had a monkeys tail, and so did the others around me. It flicked back and forth, propelling us all in some improbable way.
The turtle spoke, but in words that could be heard elsewhere, as we got closer to the planet. “Coming in for landing on spire 1, sub-spire 3, sub-sub-spire 2..” announcing our arrival like an airline captain to the tower.
Ahead, growing out of the distance, was a formation much like the Devils Tower, from Close-Encounters. There were perhaps 5 of them in a row, impossibly huge. Hundreds of miles across at the top, and thousands high. As we drew closer to the surface of the first of them, we saw more spires on its top surface. We headed for the third. As if made of fractals, we saw more towers on that ones top. We headed for the second of them, and then began being able to make out the details.
On the top of the spire was a small island, surrounded by blue water. Well, not even really an island, more like a sand-bank. And shallow water. There was a que of beings standing on it and in the water, waiting to be seen to by a person sitting at a small makeshift desk.
We circled around, gauging distance, then one-by-one skidded down onto the water, trying to avoid those allready qued on the small area, probably no more than 20 meters square. I think those already there were a little annoyed by our arrival.
After that rest/testing, it’s back to Hell we go.
I seem to recall imprisoning a vampire in a cage on the wall. Some horribly gothic thing, ritualisticly cutting and bleeding him, then engaging further sharpened enclosures around him. I think the point was that as vampires will not die unless you peirce thier heart, was to obtain his still-living liver, as some sort of potent weapon.
Now, here I wonder wether I was still in sort sort of training world, as the next thing I knew, I dodged past the Yellow Jellyfish from before, and squeezed through a large vagina-like doorway. Then I was in an arena. It was a huge area, the size of a stadium. I think I’d been tricked into going in here. A horned thing, like chunky beast in Attack of the Clones sent to kill Anakin in the arena. But kinda striped, like an armadillo, but lengthwise.
Then there were the rabbits.
Somehow, we found out that the manifestaion of the other-worldly happenings was being played out like an echo, in the real world, by the lives of a warren of rabbits. It was only an echo, but it was important, so on occasion they’d fight each other through the rabbits. It felt a lot like Watership Down.
Sometimes I became one of the rabbits, to talk with them and relay messages. I think Ed was trapped or currently stationed in one of the other worlds, as I could only talk to her through her rabbit-echo. But the others, the enemy, were some wild rabbits. Our forces were protected, their warren behind large wire fences, beside a lake. But the wild rabbits wanted to get to them, because they could do serious harm by harming thier echos.
I think I had persueded my grandfather and cousin to humor me enough to come out and keep watch on the enclosure. Sure enough, we found an explosive device by the fence. The wires ran off under the rear gate of one of the nearby terrace houses. I wonder if the enemy had a RealWorld base overlooking the enclosure as we did?
I moved the device and set a piece of drain-pipe over it, to direct the blast upward, then took cover. I reasoned that if the blast went off, then the enemy would come out to see wether the fence had been breached, then invade. This way, I could find out which wild rabbit was doing this.
The device (two batteries, overloaded I think) went off and blast shot into the air. I ran forward, suddenly realising that their might be others. I had to be quick before the evil rabbits came. I made it aroudn the corner, and down the other side of the enclosure without seeing any more, though my grandfather was yelling at me for running off. I hadn’t had time to explain. As I came back up, my cousin was begining to run toward the device, and I grabbed him, and dragged him back to hiding.
I think I looked behind me and made eye-contact with a dark rabbit who had come out to investigate the result. My mind lept forward on him, and beyond his physical form.
And I was awake.

My sheets and pillow were wet with sweat. But what a dream! I could so easily expand apon it all into a full-length story I’m sure. Wow..

This is what happens when you forget to take your meds.