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Sep 11 2011

Body odour oddness

These days I’m very aware of my personal scent. Maybe overly so. Any small variation into what I determine to be unpleasant makes me unwilling to socialise with others until I’ve managed to wash and change clothes. Of course sometimes the situation means you’ve got to sit there and stew, hoping it’s just your paranoia.

Before heading out yesterday I showered, shaved, scrubbed and gave my pits a liberal dose of Nivea 48hr “silver protect” roll-on. Yet a couple of hours later I’m aware I can smell my own sweat. Fresh not stagnant thankfully, but enough to make me self-concious about it.

I got home very late at night after sharing a night bus with a group of teens giving it a fair shot at hot-boxing the top deck, so checked my clothes when I got in.

This is what I find weird; the underarms of my T-shirt were fine, no scent. However the middle of the back smelt stale and sweaty.

I don’t think you can get roll-ons for your back, can you? I suppose thinking about it it’s one of those places you see getting all sweaty, but I’d never thought of it as one of those places that sweat can smell. I’m feeling like someone’s just pointed out the elephant in the room here. I have no idea what to do about sweaty backs. :P

Spray antiperspirants make me gag, so the only thing that comes to mind might be talcum powder?

Suggestions anyone?

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