The DreamWidth attacks..

Some paranoid ponderings about the attacks on Dreamwidth’s supporting services.

Going to bed now, but it seems Dreamwidth is currently under an organised attack from a large group of Trolls, that are contacting their hosting provider, payment handling service, various reactionary protest groups and so on, with the apparent intent to disrupt the services operations. This in a non-trivial attack by the sounds of it, with a fair amount of organisation behind it. Taken to it’s conclusion it would destroy Dreamwidth.

As best I’m aware, Dreamwidth is not a big service yet, except in some small circles. If looking for motive, such an organised attack without gloating seems unlikely to be caused by roving internet trolls. Likewise DW isn’t aimed at people who would likely seek this sort of vengeance if kicked off it, at least not in the numbers required for this social-engineering attack. So that leaves it either an attack driven by one person with a grudge who has recruited others to do as they direct, or (as Dreamwidth is a business) corporate sabotage of a small but developing service which might be a rival in the blogging market. But a small company like DW wouldn’t be a threat to large services such as Blogger or WordPress, but might be to functionally similar services particularly if they’d already lost strength or value.

Didn’t LJ loose a huge chunk of its value and have to lay off staff after it was bought by someone with ties to the Russian mafia? Just thinking out loud..

Oh, and first post in this account at last.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]