Of sheds and Garden Bears…

From my LJ Archive

Last night I dreamt of the allotment. All bloody night. Obviously can’t remember it all, but some of the highlights were my brother driving the car through the pedestrian entrance, over three allotments just to dump some stuff on ours. Then leaving the same way.
Built a big shed with power somehow. Got into a fight over cutting that tree down. And right at the end saw a “garden bear”, which was apparently quite normal. It looked like a cross between a brown bear and a giant tree sloth. I went up to it as it was going back over the fence and it pounced on me like a big slow puppy and started licking me. ¬_¬
I think there was someone/thing there through the whole dream mocking me/my work/being unhelpful at every stage, which I was ignoring. I think it may have been me, though I’m not quite sure. It’s pretty vague. It might also have been Sci.