Digital picture frame has arrived. Sadly does not support GIF, regular or animated. Is an odd device. Is detected as an external CD-drive, so data contents cannot be changed directly and needs to launch it’s own proprietary program to resize and upload images. (I presume this is a safety feature and means the code wouldn’t be very tolerant of wrongly sized images)
5-second fixed slideshow with random transition effects. Really only suitable for slideshows.

I suspect changing this would require cracking the case and finding a JTAG connector, followed by reprogramming the software.

So I’ve messaged the place I bought it to see if they have any different models that fit the spec to start with.

Off to the post office for now..

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

Casting has gone splendidly. Best yet even. I will be stunned if the resulting casts are anything but ideal.
Three-stage degass, apparently good pigment mixing, no spills, minimal mess.
Did make an excess mix though. Fortunately had spare moulds on hand. Odd that sometime’s it’s just under but sometimes way over. Better check my notes.

Used large jam-jars for mixing. Can handle larger amounts and can withstand cleaning with acetone afterwards, as well as letting me view the mixing.
Will have to look out for some with wider mouths though, and rounder bottom corners with no overhangs.

Used a reinforcing spring and some araldite to try and repair the broken wing strut. Will see if that holds.

Salvaged some nice long bits of steel from a wrecked cabin bed.

Also must email Receipt #44. They did not collect their item at the LF meet just gone as they said they would.

Time for a shower.

Tomorrow will correct some masters and get new moulds for them cast. Then either do artwork or design the new display stands I have in mind. Glad I have lots of masking tape.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

42 new shirts arrived today in record time (just 2 working days after I ordered them!). That gives me 4 of each size of both the UKFur Classic/Wolf shirts, and the colour “Union” design. There’s been little interest in the dragon shirts, so haven’t picked up any more of them for the moment.

If I run out of any at the con I’ll take pre-orders for the next batch.

Okay, now back to the workshop!

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

Thanks to friend , the stepper driver circuit is now working!
Think I’ve currently got a pair of phases crossed though, as it jerks quite badly every so often. The motor also gets hot very fast, so I think I’ll have to get some current limiting on the go as well.

The moulds are cleaned up from the last bad casting and sitting overnight to let any acetone residue evaporate. Fresh casting in the morning.

Will also tidy up the feline nose with some sandpaper and get it ready for a proper production. Same with trying adding a vent to the Razor claws. Going to aim to have some completed demonstration paws at Confuzzled, as well as new display stands for a number of items.

Also aiming to have the commissions book totally clear before the con.

Heard back from Cosmo very quickly, so now I’m just gonna be ticking boxes. :)

Also, I’m amazed that some of my YouTube videos have now been viewed hundreds of times. One even over a thousand. There’s nothing even very good on there yet!

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

Paperworking my tushy off. Trying to get things absolutely in line and ready for Confuzzled in two weeks.

T-shirts are apparently already done (!!!) and on their way to me. That’s some amazing service there.

Got a quote back on more UKFur lanyards, and the price will be around the £220 mark. There’s a long lead-time on them too, so while they won’t be ready for Confuzzled, they should be in stock for June, so definitely around for RBW.

Some last-minute questions have been sent to Cosmo at CF about the dealers table arrangements, so I know precisely what I’m working with in regard to a few options.

Also have salvaged a pushchair, which looks like will be ideal for hauling this lot on the train to Manchester, with some small modifications.

Need to confirm with someone about the role of den assistant. Also got a long list of changes, printing, POS (point-of-sale) and displays to work on.

Also expecting something in the post. If it arrives in time and works, should provide a fun new product to the line-up!

Off to do some more casting, and get the commission book completely clear before the con.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

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