Got some laundry done. Opened post. Got reminded how low a threshold of help is willing to be given to me. Spent too long looking up pinion shims for a low-priority project.

Found some drivers for a large obsolete graphics tablet. Cleared up the pile of uneeded receipts. Despaired at bank balance.

Put off replying to some messages. Hid from world.

Soon, midnight snack and change bedding. Maybe.

To keep myself motivated, going to try and keep track of acheivements, no matter how small.

  • Today I moved the networking cabinet down to the workshop.
  • I fitted the prototyping chassis’ into it, & repaired bus-bars.
  • I gave the electrolux vacuum cleaner part a 2nd coat of black paint, sanded away the stained area and reassembled it into a bare housing.
  • Got the scrap lens opened up and partly cleaned.

I think there was more, but I can’t remember.

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