Spent £25 on discounted food. Now in food coma.

tonyabbot: scary-monsters-and-davesprite: lonelyinsomniac: samsaranmusing: Orbital path of asteroid near… tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1N0zcMo

Photoset: corpseesproc: le-go-go-las: carryon-my-wayward-vagabond: ramblingsofadeadite: Quick reminder that… tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1N0wtCF

Photoset: cagedlions: “The Lottery.” Watch it on YouTube [x] tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1N0wPT_

Photoset: forgetpolitics: I. AM. FUCKING. DEAD. tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1N0vGLC

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