@Arcais_Panda Sure boss, I was “working”.. *closes Minecraft*

RT @seananmcguire: I told her this was my natural color because my mother fucked a Muppet. This may be why she’s still glaring.

RT @seananmcguire: Why is my hair offensive? Because women of “my age” (36) shouldn’t dip dye their hair like sluts, that’s why. According to her.

Photoset: makeitstoopid: They did it. Those magnificent bastards did it. They got my hype up again. It’s… tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1Ws_a67

Photo: spookylangsettte: unfollowback2006: The French justice minister has been critical of US police… tmblr.co/ZRCJGy1Wszl3H

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