On the moon I figure a 1.2Km deep shaft, pressurised, would have .29psi greater air pressure at the bottom than the top. That’s alright.


RT @BoingBoing: Watch this killer pirate television station from 1986 boingboing.net/2015/11/30/wat… https://t.co/K1KRihv5kA


RT @JesseBenn: It’s no conspiracy. It’s right here in plain text. The #WhiteTerrorist text a cop buddy AFTER shooting 5 protestors. twitter.com/stribjany/stat…

@LupusLondonwolf Do you have any knowledge that would extend to digging a mine shaft through fractured bedrock?

@CookietheShark Assholes, feeling empowered by the current climate of state-authorised hate.

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