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Jun 04 2010

UKFur Lanyards back in stock!

UKFur lanyards have arrived! Just in time for tomorrows meet.

Awesome. <3

Will be flogging them off for £3.50 each. It’s a bit of a price hike from what they used to be, but these ones have a safety release and I suspect they’ll be a long-tail item (an initial surge followed by a long period of occasional sales), and I need to cover my investment in them ASAP.

Considering generic lanyards cost £3-4 in shops, I’d say it’s still a bargain. And people have been craving them since I first bought the store!

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May 04 2010


finishing up in workshop.

now unhappy with chocolate colouring. Too red. Will remix after CF most likely now.

Rainbow demo set setting in heated cabinet.

Razor series claws first mass casting, setting. Pink Shore 40 nose also, replacement 80S black heel-pad for Velcro footpad display.

Cargo pram also modified and probably sound. Must check allocated train seat and judge position relative to baggage storage. Will carry as much by backpack as possible.

Naruto headbands also almost complete. Hope to be shot of them after so long!

Order of 20 DPFs also being shipped by 1st-class tomorrow. Should arrive in time.

Several displays still need a lot of work, also need to type up, print and laminate point-of-sale, and also print product information leaflets.
Additionally, must work out how to change IRQ assignment for laptops wifi card. Hotel has free wifi apparently and will make uploading icons much easier and cheaper than using phone as modem.
Also must complete and print door art.

Will see about acquiring a haircut tomorrow. Must finish catching up with finances also so I know how much I have in way of food budget.

Mum also intending to provide necklace making materials for my defective claws to sell.

Need to make up several bags of each type for direct sales.

1st Razor batch; 75g leaves underfilled. Go 100g next. Place large end slightly elevated to float level. Learn new fill levels and clean mould lips. Otherwise, good reproduction.

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Apr 28 2010

The Answer is 42

42 new shirts arrived today in record time (just 2 working days after I ordered them!). That gives me 4 of each size of both the UKFur Classic/Wolf shirts, and the colour “Union” design. There’s been little interest in the dragon shirts, so haven’t picked up any more of them for the moment.

If I run out of any at the con I’ll take pre-orders for the next batch.

Okay, now back to the workshop!

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Apr 27 2010

Confuzzled prep

Paperworking my tushy off. Trying to get things absolutely in line and ready for Confuzzled in two weeks.

T-shirts are apparently already done (!!!) and on their way to me. That’s some amazing service there.

Got a quote back on more UKFur lanyards, and the price will be around the £220 mark. There’s a long lead-time on them too, so while they won’t be ready for Confuzzled, they should be in stock for June, so definitely around for RBW.

Some last-minute questions have been sent to Cosmo at CF about the dealers table arrangements, so I know precisely what I’m working with in regard to a few options.

Also have salvaged a pushchair, which looks like will be ideal for hauling this lot on the train to Manchester, with some small modifications.

Need to confirm with someone about the role of den assistant. Also got a long list of changes, printing, POS (point-of-sale) and displays to work on.

Also expecting something in the post. If it arrives in time and works, should provide a fun new product to the line-up!

Off to do some more casting, and get the commission book completely clear before the con.

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Apr 16 2010

Spent most of today creating inventory templates for workshop stock. After unexpectedly running out of materials yesterday, I’ve realised I need to manage it all much more actively.

I also have an order of electronic sundries on their way to me, including some Darlington transistor arrays and stepper-driver ICs. This should be enough to get prototyping of the Bonsai Repstrap to the next stage.
Comparing the price of dedicated driver ICs, I’m wondering if I couldn’t make quite a saving (on cost and part-count) by using a Sanguino rather than direct Paralell-port control.
The Reprap still uses stepper driver ICs as well, but could a Sanguino drive the Darlington array directly? It sounds like it would have enough processing power spare to manage the sequencing.

Anyway, time to see how the castings are doing in the heated cabinet, and get some inventory done.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

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