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Jul 09 2016

RT @DanielWickham93: A neighbour described the sce…

RT @DanielWickham93: A neighbour described the scene: “They were in shreds, just shreds. We didn’t know the names of our children – we couldn’t tell them apart.”

Sep 05 2014

Starting on Etsy

Prices for horns have now been updated across my FA, Weasyl and DeviantArt galleries as well as my homepage compact price list.

As I may have mentioned, I’m aiming to move to an Etsy-based business setup selling horns I have already made rather than making them on demand.

The shop is located here:

While I will still take customised orders as well, I’m hopeful this arrangement will get more orders out, faster, and reduce the amount of micro-management I found myself doing.

As an aside, during my preparation for Etsy selling I thought it best that I tidy up my spreadsheet of casting recipes, which also holds my costing calculations. While doing so, I found a mistake that’s been buried there for a couple of years, effecting all my costing calculations in that trickle-down way only spreadsheet formulae can.

Without wanting to go into details, it can be summed up with; “Oh, so that’s where all the money’s been leaking away.”

The horn pricing was being adjusted to more sustainable levels anyway, but the larger horns have gone up a little more than originally intended to account for the corrected costings and difficulty producing successful castings in those shapes and sizes.

With a view to providing buyers with clear information, I’ve also produced a “datasheet” for the first type of horns I’ve listed on Etsy, the #10 Springbok.

#10 datasheet

I will be adding horns to Etsy in type-batches like this as I need 6 pairs in the various colour and effect combinations to photograph together for each datasheet.

Which ones do you think should come next?

Jul 11 2014

An update!

Okay, long time no speak!

I’ve been away, trying to get my life in order. Mostly this has involved getting an awful lot of loose ends tied up. And I think they’re now sufficiently reduced that I can open my doors again.

Fresh resin is on its way to me!

There will however be a change in the way I do things.

For starters, I’m going to be selling through Etsy from here on. It should make the ordering process a lot easier for folks, and less paperwork for me.

That in turn means I’ll be holding a stock of pre-made horns, and only listing them when available. Not casting to order anymore, so shipping times should come WAY down.

I’m afraid it probably means no more custom colour mixes though. I may open specifically for custom mixes now and then, but it’s not something I’ll be doing via the shop and it’ll likely run a lot pricier than the £5 a pop extra it was.

I’ll be doing a standard colour set of plain, brown and black for the horns and I’ll be aiming to keep one set of each in stock at all times. The black/brown colour wash will likely remain an option.

The fill selection will be changing too. There’s only a few grams difference between regular and hardened foams, so I’ll be switching to using hardened foam exclusively (except maybe on the very largest horns).

Other items will be re-emerging once that’s all set and running. New claws, paw-pads and noses are in the lineup, as well as hopefully a couple more horn varieties including some smooth toony ones.

I hope you’ll spread the word once the shop starts up properly next week! A couple of test items, clearing out old stock bits, will probably go up first.

I hope to earn your patronage once again soon. :)

May 06 2014

Temporary closure

I’m sorry to say Starborne Works is not currently open for orders.

I’m currently trying to work out a way to stay in business at all, and it is likely this will mean redoing almost everything involved from scratch.

Hopefully I should have better news in the upcoming weeks. Please check back later.

Thankyou for dropping by.

Best wishes,


May 24 2013

WordPress updated & Twitter sidebar fixed.
Also note it contains links to my YouTube channel where I’ve started doing video work-blogs. Will try to get them crossposting to the main blog here automatically if I can.

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