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Jan 10 2011

“Got wood?” Well, yes, rather a lot.

I found a wee bit more wood on Saturday morning and hauled it home.

That’s right, another Honduras Mahogany staircase. Almost the same distance from our house as the last one was, but in the opposite direction.

But look carefully! This one’s been pulled out mostly intact! The other one sadly had most of the reads cut in half to rip it out, so few usable planks. These are also mounted differently, so there’s fewer holes. Means when it comes time to trim them up and biscuit them together into one large surface, there shouldn’t be as much wastage.

Gotta love people pulling out these from their 70s loft extensions.

Does mean I’ve got to spend another day pulling wood apart and removing duff nails & screws, but for such nice recycled timber I can accept that!

I should have ample wood at my disposal now I can do tests first and stop worrying about cutting design-corners to accommodate unpleasant off-cuts.

Plus look at those meaty long beams the treads are planted on. Provided those metal risers don’t go in too far, that’s going to be wonderful for something. Certainly not making the desk, but something.

Is it bad to think about making a Saint Andrew’s Cross out of them? I’m told they sell for three figures. And with mahogany expensive to buy these days, I would have thought it’d sell.

One project at a time though!

It’d been in the rain a bit, but it’s a hardwood so doesn’t seem to have soaked up much especially in the cold weather. It’s under cover now. Small bits have been moved through and I’ll try to break up the rest to move through the maze of the house early in the week.

The metal risers look like brass. Will have to see. They may come in handy later too.

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