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Aug 22 2011


In retrospect, asking a friend if they know anything about Nazi uniform fetishists is probably not a wise idea when they’ve spent a year living in Germany. Doubly so if they’ve concluded their time there by visiting the Holocaust monuments and Auschwitz.

Jul 24 2011

Evening at the “spa” (NSFW)

WARNING: This post is NSFW (not safe for work). Click through the cut only on this proviso.
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Jan 13 2011

Poor POV (rant)

Does anyone else read the often rather porny “Peter is the Wolf” werewolf webcomic?

Does anyone else want to slap the character Sarah up the side of the head?

Does anyone else want to see her try and explain the predicament to someone and simply have them answer “So wait.. you dumped your boyfriend because he was raped? What the hell kind of person are you!?”

Okay she’s a newbie werewolf and having a lot of shit thrown at her so is rightfully expected to be a bit emotional, but she dumps her boyfriend while he’s still sobbing and tied to the bed of a derelict motel room, because “she can’t handle it”. And now the story is that the rape victim is having go along with some elaborate plan to trick or win back the girlfriend?

Okay he sorta has good reason to because of the plot device that a newbie werewolf has to be trained, not reveal themselves and so on or they’ll be killed by the rest of the pack to keep the secret.. but the whole thing leaves an awful taste in my mouth.

Maybe there’s some level of truest love I’ve never obtained or something, but if the person I was with broke up with me and left after interrupting me being raped..? I’d be awful grateful for it being interrupted, sure, but blaming me for being raped?? It being such a burden on them that they can’t take it? Sure, thanks for the concern, glad you just witnessing it rather than having it actually done to you is the bigger stress factor here!

I’m sure I’d be upset by both events at the time, but once the shock passed I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere near the selfish toad ever again.

And now leading into more sexual shenanigans in order to win/trick her back into being with him? Not only is the victim being forced into apologising and apparently accepting the blame for being a victim, he’s got to use more sex, more probable trauma to himself, to do it.

Because in fiction, more sex makes everything better. Even for rape victims.

But I’m sure they’ll be lots of fuzzy titties for everyone.

Is my expectation of a reasonable reaction that far out of whack? What would you do if you found your partner bound naked, sobbing with a sexual predatory on top of them?

I don’t think my reaction would be to dump them on the spot and leave. I would hope the reasonable reaction would be after the predator had legged it, to untie my partner and fucking comfort them.

Or maybe Sarah is really that much of a shallow ditz. Maybe that’s where I’m disconnecting from the story; assuming there’s something deeper about her that would actually make her attractive as a person. Mutual depression does not make a relationship!

Or maybe it is accurate. Teenagers are supposed to be emotionally immature, it’s kinda the definition of them.

This does not meet my expectations for emotional depth in storytelling, nor reasonable behaviour for the otherwise fairly “normal” characters. This is not what the everyman character should be accepting.


Sep 09 2010

The sex meme

Keeping it below the cut..

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Jun 27 2010

LondonFur meet June 26th, and photo-shoot

A lovely, if hot, day out with the furries in London again. Made a pleasant number of sales, saw Reaperfox there (her first attendance ever), Jackal back from holiday, some lovely new newbies, and had a wonderful time doing the arranged photo-shoot with Halo Huskybutt. At my request, she modelled the three new ladies-fit UKFur T-shirts, some of which will make it to the upcoming web-shop as model shots to show them in use (in addition to the item-only images).
I also managed to get Lupus Londonwolf to do some impromptu modelling of the unisex shirts, so that’s all the current bases covered!

It’s so interesting photographing people intently (rather than casually). I’ve said before I’m finding it rather like making instant art; you take lots and lots of shots, and pick only the best of them. You try lots of subtle variations. It’s so dynamic. But it’s also interesting to see what poses and expressions people fall into comfortably under only general directions, or how they move and engage with the camera.

I’ll freely admit that I appreciate images of ladies more than I do of men, so I’ll say up front that I got good pictures of both Halo and Lupus. But looking at the images of Halo as I did the first pass on them to sift the better ones, I felt genuinely amazed at how wonderful she looked in them, and that I’d been able to capture those images. I’m sure I have a long way to go and a lot to learn still, but it’s so intensely enjoyable to take photos like this. And particularly so when the model is so enthusiastic and engaging with the process.
My heart really did race looking over the pictures; there’s already the creative excitement of the process of doing it, but ending up with a variety of images of a beautiful woman is a wonderful bonus. I don’t mean that to sound sexual, but I suppose it is sensual. And with sensuality such a component of so many other forms of art, I shouldn’t feel bad about admitting it (maybe only about feeling bad about feeling bad).

I hope I can find a way to get the same dynamic creative excitement back with my drawing abilities as well. I think more days like today will certainly help. And I think it goes without saying that I would love to have another photo-session with Halo some time soon. (an idle thought is to play with the concept of costume and wearer, as she’s an enthusiastic ‘suiter. The dividing line between in and out of costume seems seldom touched upon.)

I’ll get the shoot photos up once I’ve gotten them down to the real cream of the crop. With help from the UKFur forums tech-section, the issue with uploading the full sized images from my camera has been identified. While I probably won’t upload many, so as to keep the full-size originals private, it would be good to have the option to upload the full sized images immediately or to show off the highest level of detail at times. Whether I can or not will depend on if I can have my PHP memory allowance raised by a few more megabytes.
But until then the freeware batch-resizer “Fotosizer” seems to be working fine shrinking them down to a compatible 60% of the originals.

The few non-shoot images from todays meet can be found in the gallery here:

And as a small unrelated footnote; The “cargo pram” was pushed to its limit today on stock-duty I think. The wheels were starting to bow rather ominously, and it was so top-heavy laden with T-shirts it was bordering on uncontrollable at times. But a new one is in the works that’ll be able to hold more and in much more convenient sub-divisions. I’m sure it’s creation will be worth at least one blog entry.

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