I had some creative time today. The lure of the cheap stoneware clay and the old dummy head.. you know how it is.

I’m really happy with it. It’s a believable shape for an anthro critter’s head. That is; realistically proportioned, non-toony.

I used a feline reference, but it came out more canid. Covered it in some leftover silicone so I can get a rigid casting before the clay dries out and shrinks off the dummy.

Why are people so down on mechanically reclaimed chicken?

If you didn’t pressure-hose the scraps off it and crush all the offal and bone marrow out of it, then what? About half the mass of the chicken would be going in the bin.

If it’s purely about the hygene and treatment of the MRC, then it’s actually just about limiting its usage. Drying, recompacting and so on? Can see how that’d be a problem. Using the meat-slurry for soup and stews? Seems fine.

Fucking furries..

So two fursuiters at a charity event in New Jersey apparently decided to get it on explicitly on the hood of a car outside in broad daylight. Local council saw it, kids saw it, photos were taken.

In addition to the usual embarrassment & mud-flinging, the ~$600 fundraising for new medical equipment is likely going to cost over a quarter of a million dollars in lost equipment, fines and penalising budget-cuts, as well as possibly the jobs of 5 people who were hosting & organising.

Knock-on effects are likely to include not only the prosecution of the two douchebags (we can hope), but complete destruction of community events in that area and the community becoming an overnight anathema to the close-knit Fire and Emergency Medical Service community.

[Redacted due to threat of libel]

Okay this is all in the USA, so I’d hope it can be avoided in the UK, but frankly we’ve already had more than enough similar events the community’s dodged the bullet on previously. That sinking feeling you get when these things occur? Remember when you were little and broke a plate or a window or something? It’s the feeling of not knowing if this is the time you’re going to get the full wrath of god down on you for your actions. You can’t dodge bullets forever. This is why you should do things to fix shit rather than ignore or hide it. Deciding to contront a fear is the only control we ever have over it.

If I had one of those “furry pride” stickers or T-shirts, this is the point I’d be burning it. Reading this sort of thing makes you feel like a bunch of people have decided to dunk you bodily in a septic-tank. It feels like it’s cloying to every bit of you. Especially when you remember there is no way there won’t be some clutch of the group who close-ranks over it, either for self-protective interests or because they find a way to justify the actions of the people involved.



Okay, I can appreciate some of the nuances of whiskey and scotch but they’re REALLY not the sort of thing my pallet craveds.


Crav.. no, that’d.. that’s right.