Return of the weakness..

From my LJ Archive

Had another one of those dreams last night. The ones where I get into a fight or a confrontation and suddenly I have no strength in me. No matter hard I punch, push or hit, it’s trivial to whoever I’m up against. They can literally brush it off. My hardest punch would only ruffle their clothes.

I hate dreams like this. They make me wake up feeling sick and helpless. And angry.

I got a new hat in the dream. It was a binocular hat. There were lenses mounted in the forehead and at the back, so if you took the hat off you could use it like binoculars. It had a very WW2 era vibe about it. In fact, the whole dream did. There was some sort of adventuring-come-conspiracy storyline at first, then edged into some huge rambling concrete building.
At one point I took the hat off and looked through it, because I knew an artist I liked was in the facing building. The artist doesn’t really exist. Good thing too, because when I looked through, he was dressed in a Nazi bike-messengers uniform, sitting astride a period bike, while his boyfriend in an SS outfit took him from behind. I think they spotted me too. o_o;

Next thing I know I’m in some sort of training room, and these guys have taken my hat and scarf and won’t give it back. I try to get it back, but they want to use it as a goalpost for a game of football. A fight ensues, and the weakness starts again..
they give me a tray and tell me to pick up anything useful from that corner. I try to break the tray over a bench-mounted vice, but can’t even do that. Full force and it barely cracks a thin plywood tray. A wide one with plenty of angular momentum.
I woke up clutching and wrestling with the leader guy/my duvet, panting and snarling.

I preferred the adventuring part of the dream. It was like watching a movie then. Some poor teenage girl whose father had gone missing on this south-American jungle trek, and the secretive organisation following her. There was this sort of giant V for Vendetta mask, but abut 2.5meters tall, and in gold, with a sort of curled slug-tail. And it hovered. It also moved fast and had powers to transform things. One of these Ancient Tech devices. Her father had a confrontation with it while piloting a much smaller one of these moving face-buggys, but it zapped him very shortly and transformed his buggy into a kind of plasma-screen on a trolley, and shrunk him down to about 8inches tall. He hopped out and ran, because the screen fell over and began shorting out. Then it exploded and he escaped in the confusion, I think. Somehow this led to a golden glasses-case, which turned into my binocular hat as the dream changed and went on..