Jan 31 2011

Twitter Updates for 30-01-2011

Jan 30 2011

30min sketch

30min sketch. Rough image I’ve had in my head a while.

This is why I’d like to be able to draw faster. I could join in at Void Battles, and throw in blatant homages in the background, the unwritten background battles of NPCs, VCPD Blue, or whatever.

Guess what I was listening to on youtube? :P

Jan 30 2011

Twitter Updates for 29-01-2011

Jan 29 2011

A couple of near-future ideas

1. Use the creation of Electrostatic Buckytube memory as a sub-neuron computer interface.

Create buckytubes with chemical receptors and emiters, so that the entry of a neurochemical “flips” the bucky-RAM state, before emiting another of the particular neurochemical to be on it’s way. Could be read by additional artificial Glial cells.

Pro’s: Would allow reading and potential manipulation of neural chemistry, and perhaps connection to external devices.

Cons: The additional step of flipping the memory state and releasing fresh neuro-chemicals could slow down brain chemistry.

2. RFID cards such as the Oyster use induction-coils for power and data transmission. As electro-magnetic pulse devices can be tuned to select bands, it seems plausible that you could create a localised EMP device running at 13.56Mhz that could overload and burn-out all RFID devices of that type within the local vicinity.

Seafood BBQ anyone?

Jan 29 2011

Twitter Updates for 28-01-2011

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