Dec 31 2011

Art update

As usual, images all link to full-size versions on my server. I’m also adding links to galleries they may be uploaded to too, in case anyone feels like faving/commenting there.

Let’s start with the basic one. This was going to be an xmas card but got done too late, is of poor quality due to being forced, and my printer’s packed up, so..

It may be the last xmas pic I do. I’m kinda done with xmas as a celebration now. Still if you celebrate it, hope it was a good one.

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Some of the following may be mildly NSFW if you’re reading peoples journals while you’re supposed to be working, so I’ve put them behind a cut (hopefully).

Next, an old pic I’ve gotten working on again. This pic was for Timberella back when I knew her on SecondLife. Sadly when I became self-employed something happened to her while I was busy over the first few months and I’ve never been able to contact her again, and others who still know her won’t pass on new contact details. I miss talking to her, and wish I’d gotten the chance to say goodbye. Getting this picture finished will hopefully mark some closure on that.

Currently it’s stuck at the detailing/shading stage. I’m out of practice with fur and hair details and getting reflections looking right. It may take a little while longer yet to finish while I squeeze in practice again.

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From the “completed sketch” department, a little surprise pic of Mish’s character Outkast. Almost every time we chat I end up wanting to draw. Plus I love shoulders.

Blue pencil, happy with it, not taking it further.

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And a sketch from tonight. Wanted to draw more upper-back, so started on a anthro dragoness since they’re lovely and smooth. Dreadlocks got added due to chat in Foxenawolf’s Livestream chat (art livestreams make for a nice drawing atsmosphere). Also made the decision to try and give her some nice wide hips, since although I like them a lot, I tend to worry I’m overdoing the proportions wrong and end up drawing them slim. So pushed out of my comfort zone a little butt bit there.

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