Jun 18 2010

WordPress plugin PHP annoyance

I’ll freely admit, I know little of XML, Javascript and PHP. It’s more than likely time I learnt them too.

There’s a small problem with one of the plugins I’ve tried to use. It’s the “Latest Youtube Videos” sidebar widget, for displaying a channels most recently uploaded videos. It seems like a handy one to have.

One small problem though is that it’s incompatible with the theme I’m using. The titles are all in a different style, and much larger than all other text. I looked in the code (shown here) and found some <h2> and <h4> tags hard-coded in, which I stripped out and it certainly improved the look.

The text still doesn’t match that of other sidebar widgets though. Now while the specifics escape me, it’s fairly obvious that the text it’s using isn’t being classified as the right sort of text to be displayed properly. I fudged around a bit, but only ended up making things worse. I’m fairly sure the $widget_area_title has to be classified as $title for it to be displayed like the other titles. Likewise the individual video titles would need to be classified as bulletpoints to get the nice little red dot beside each title.

So, pray tell if you please, what’s the instruction I’m missing?

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