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Mar 29 2010

Well, the Shore 75 rubber is now here, the 60 has been returned. I’ve not yet caught up with the orders though. There’s a rare collective motivation going on in the house right now that’s saying “Yes, let’s actually clear stuff out!”

Over the past few days I’ve filled one of the wheelie-bins all by myself just with stuff from the workshop. And there’s more yet to come!
It’s been a really harsh thing to do though. I’m a packrat, and I do tend to use the things I pick up sooner or later. But it’s best not to dwell on it all. The space is far more important atm.

Ordered some more Bonsai prototyping bits, but the aluminium tube was out of stock in the end, so I’m going to have to go with stainless instead.
You see, the first simplification I’m making to the Mendel layout is to use the frame as the runners by wrapping the studding with push-fit tube. It should also have the benefit of making assembly and adjustment easier, if I cut the pipes to the correct lengths. Just assemble and tighten.

Also stripped down the big bicycle frame someone dumped in the alleyway. The front fork stem is the same diameter as the stem on the unicycle I picked up last year. Will have to do some careful grinding and welding, but fitting the unicycle up as the front wheel should be fine. And the frames pedal cranks look like they’ll swap with the unicycle ones, so I can hopefully get the mechanism I was after working alright.
It should make it all into a nice half-horse and buggy. Eventually.

I’ve got a rough forge assembled, but I still need to line it with refractory. Have fire cement and perlite, but think I need to pick up some dry sand too. Well, and some charcoal.

Got some footage from the digital camera that needs editing. Also haven’t yet tested the capture machine I assembled last week. It’s on my to-do list.

Seeing who’s interested in what types and sizes. Think I can afford to get one atm. No reply from supplier atm. Will call them in the morning and make an order for the large blue UKFur shirts.
Also converted the carrying case that came with the shirts into something more like a portable shop by chopping down an Ikea hanging rail and mounting fixings inside the case. Now I can store the rail inside the case and use the case as the base of it.

Yeah, I’m behind on this. But I am catching up.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

Mar 07 2010

An impromtu photoshoot!

My friend Cat wanted to show off some of the lingerie outfits she now has, and wanted some photos taken! Sadly my nice camera doesn’t arrive til next week, but made do with the old one.
Lots of fun, and probably helped to a degree in getting over freezing up around folk being intoxicatingly extroverted in their sexuality.

However will be much more fun when I can take photos again but with a camera that doesn’t take 10 seconds between shots and that has an adjustable exposure.

Thanks to the “things I hate about furry” thread on the UKFur forums, I also really want to take a photo of a girl in a thong with the awesomeface on it. Volunteers?

EDIT: (would actually get one made at spreadshirt rather than cafepress tho. Better quality and the thong could be pink.)

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

EDIT 21/06/2010: The images are now uploaded to this sites gallery, HERE (NSFW/Mature)
Taken on an old Fujifilm A330. I can really appreciate why professional photographers have such a stock of lights, reflectors, diffusers, lenses, props and SPACE now. I was literally cramming myself against the rear wall of the room to try and get her all in shot.

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