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Apr 27 2010

Confuzzled prep

Paperworking my tushy off. Trying to get things absolutely in line and ready for Confuzzled in two weeks.

T-shirts are apparently already done (!!!) and on their way to me. That’s some amazing service there.

Got a quote back on more UKFur lanyards, and the price will be around the £220 mark. There’s a long lead-time on them too, so while they won’t be ready for Confuzzled, they should be in stock for June, so definitely around for RBW.

Some last-minute questions have been sent to Cosmo at CF about the dealers table arrangements, so I know precisely what I’m working with in regard to a few options.

Also have salvaged a pushchair, which looks like will be ideal for hauling this lot on the train to Manchester, with some small modifications.

Need to confirm with someone about the role of den assistant. Also got a long list of changes, printing, POS (point-of-sale) and displays to work on.

Also expecting something in the post. If it arrives in time and works, should provide a fun new product to the line-up!

Off to do some more casting, and get the commission book completely clear before the con.

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Apr 15 2010

Run out of Shore 40. Need to order some more in and write up a proper supplies tally sheet so I don’t get caught short again in future. Only one current order should be affected.

I’m also down to the dregs of the water-clear resin. Will probably only restock on demand for the moment.

Also have created a page for the Bonsai Repstrap on the RepRapWiki;

Need to place orders for more shirts for Confuzzled in a months time. Hoping to have one of my own designs included in that order.

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Apr 13 2010


Train tickets to Confuzzled in one months time have been booked. I’ll be leaving at about 11am on the Monday, but the rest of the fares for the day are double that ones price.

The short-order shirts have arrived. A low-profit run due to small order fees, but was hoping it’d be enough to get the ball rolling again.

UKFur original design, black and white. Two in each size, Small, Medium and Large, so £10 each.
The red and white design on blue, got that in in Large, 4 items. £12 each. £2.50 postage if you’re interested.

These should all be guaranteed sales, as people requested them specifically. I’ve sent notes to all of them.
Sadly I’m already getting replies back saying they’ll buy them at the next meet, not via paypal.

I’m hoping this doesn’t mean I’ll make no sales on them for two weeks, because my kitty’s already gone on the train tickets. I need a float again much sooner than that. I have orders to post, and ideally need to make another shirts order before Confuzzled with at least two weeks notice.

The next meet will be only 8 working days from Confuzzled, and will include the payment deadline for this years RBW.

In short, despite hopes, looks like I’m still haemorrhaging money.

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Mar 29 2010

Contacted shirt supplier. Should be able make an initial small-order with a penalty fee, but it’ll get in the stuff there’s demand for.
Also enquired over getting patches made. Ballpark prices fairly reasonable. But don’t think I could get much of a markup on them. Still..

Received in the post today; 24 DIL sockets. Should allow quick replacement of the 4N35 photo-isolators on the parallel port breakout board I’ll be making for the Bonsai reprap. I really don’t want to kill the workshop PC, after-all. Nor do I want to have to re-solder the board when something inevitably goes sparkly-wrong.

Currently doing inventory on mobile shop stock. Almost there.

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Mar 29 2010

Well, the Shore 75 rubber is now here, the 60 has been returned. I’ve not yet caught up with the orders though. There’s a rare collective motivation going on in the house right now that’s saying “Yes, let’s actually clear stuff out!”

Over the past few days I’ve filled one of the wheelie-bins all by myself just with stuff from the workshop. And there’s more yet to come!
It’s been a really harsh thing to do though. I’m a packrat, and I do tend to use the things I pick up sooner or later. But it’s best not to dwell on it all. The space is far more important atm.

Ordered some more Bonsai prototyping bits, but the aluminium tube was out of stock in the end, so I’m going to have to go with stainless instead.
You see, the first simplification I’m making to the Mendel layout is to use the frame as the runners by wrapping the studding with push-fit tube. It should also have the benefit of making assembly and adjustment easier, if I cut the pipes to the correct lengths. Just assemble and tighten.

Also stripped down the big bicycle frame someone dumped in the alleyway. The front fork stem is the same diameter as the stem on the unicycle I picked up last year. Will have to do some careful grinding and welding, but fitting the unicycle up as the front wheel should be fine. And the frames pedal cranks look like they’ll swap with the unicycle ones, so I can hopefully get the mechanism I was after working alright.
It should make it all into a nice half-horse and buggy. Eventually.

I’ve got a rough forge assembled, but I still need to line it with refractory. Have fire cement and perlite, but think I need to pick up some dry sand too. Well, and some charcoal.

Got some footage from the digital camera that needs editing. Also haven’t yet tested the capture machine I assembled last week. It’s on my to-do list.

Seeing who’s interested in what types and sizes. Think I can afford to get one atm. No reply from supplier atm. Will call them in the morning and make an order for the large blue UKFur shirts.
Also converted the carrying case that came with the shirts into something more like a portable shop by chopping down an Ikea hanging rail and mounting fixings inside the case. Now I can store the rail inside the case and use the case as the base of it.

Yeah, I’m behind on this. But I am catching up.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

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