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Jun 17 2010

Twitter plugin bother

Once again TwitterTools started screwing up on the digest feature. I know it’s “experimental” but it seems to break so easily. By itself it randomly stops working. Switching to engine makes the code break and appear in the pull-down menus.

So, now I’m using TwitterTools to cross-post to Twitter only, with Twitter Digest to make the daily digest. The “Exclude category” ad-on for Twitter Tools should allow the two plugins to work side by side without getting into an infinite twitter-posting loop.

Jun 15 2010

Changing times..

Okay, I’ve got a few of the basic plugins up and working. Will have to see if Twitter Tools remains operating stably this time. Currently automatically cross-posting to LJ and Facebook as well as Twitter.

Next I will have to make a decision on what to do about other blogs. My Dreamwidth blog (presuming I can X-post to it using a 2nd instance of the LJ plugin, without conflicts) is my dedicated “creative” blog. It already receives cross-posts from my business site, because that is related to my creativity. It does seem a little redundant though.

What I should probably do is move ALL my work to this main blog and cross-post out. After all, if someone wants only to watch one part of it they can use a category-filtered RSS feed. There’s also only been so many posts in that particular blog, so migrating it over wouldn’t be much of a problem.

This will mean the days of assumed anonymity are well and truely over.

Part of the reason for my doing this was an increasing lack of faith in the data security of Livejournal due to several of their recent underhanded actions. I have nearly a decade of personal and private information on that blog which I’m currently making an offline archive of, which will be followed by the deletion of all records there.

Ultimately the idea of the “friends only” post is insecure. If I want something to remain private, it shouldn’t be going on a website with large assumptions of who’s actually sitting on the other computer. A truly private network for authenticated trusted offline messaging would be nice, but to the best of my knowledge doesn’t currently exist.

Quite simply, my days of anonymity on the net have been long gone. So I’ll have to suffice with talking to friends one by one if there’s something I need a delicate ear about, and just go back to keeping an offline diary for those thoughts I need to get down out of my head.  The rest of my actions are assumed to be in public view.  No room for shame or fear.

Which other sites will I attempt to get automatic cross-posting set up with? As many as possible. It will be interesting to see how many WordPress can handle, as well as spreading my social network as wide as possible.

Admittedly, I’m surprised that there isn’t a singular cross-post management plugin already available. And as an act of devotion to the internet, I intend to pursue making one.

I’d say the same about the idea of a “friends page” plugin that could aggregate all your watch lists into one via OpenID, giving a decentralised blogging option. But beyond casual curiosity of passing viewers, there doesn’t seem to be much point in maintaining such a thing on the website itself. Aggregate watch-lists seem better suited to dedicated programs or combinational browser scripts. It would seem idealy suited to something like Greasemonkey or a set FireFox plugin.

Where now?

Well back to the premise; I have a little soul-searching to do before committing to some large and hard-to-undo changes regarding my existing online history.

I also need to create some static pages, repair the cosmetics and get a gallery script set up. I’m doing a lot more photography these days, and it seems a terrible waste to leave them all sitting on my hard-drive; but again I shouldn’t have to assume trust of an outside agency, like any of the many online photo-sharing sites.

I think perhaps I will make some personalisations, then come back to the more tender issues. Let my subconscious work on it for a while.

Apr 11 2010

De-potted pure-red claws, sanded and drilled. Posted the small set, long set ready for collection at next LF meet.
Shore 80 castings came out nicely. Not all fully attached to velcro however. Not surprising since it’s stiffer. It’s not flexing enough to make full contact. Think I’ll cast the Shore 80’s separate, then mix a small amount more and use it to “glue” the pads to the velcro. Will take longer, but will be more reliable. Should also let me use the velcro more efficiently.

Doodled some in SAI.
Also progressed some other works a bit further.

Bedding down now. Edging sleep back toward normal.

Will see if I can rig my business site to incorporate this journal as a separate blog-line from the one on the front page.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

Apr 09 2010

Three things

Once again, things have been busy here! I’m currently processing orders, albeit with a small delay (manifold broke off the degassing chamber and I’m waiting for the glue to set).

There have been two major developments however.

I’ve now purchased the UKFur merchandise shop from previous owner Tigerfire, who’s no longer as involved in the Furry scene as he once was.
In the next couple of days I should receive the first batch of new stock, to get a small number of the most in-demand shirts and sizes.

The three designs of shirt

It’s out of stock of the lanyards, but I’m looking around for a supplier that will provide them in minimum orders of less than £200.

However still have large numbers of vinyl stickers and silicone wristbands.

Confuzzled is just a month away now, so have no fear, you will be able to get your UKFur merch!

In the meantime though, wristbands are £1.50, stickers are 50p each.
B&W shirts are £10 in Small to XL sizes, and £11 in XXL and XXXL.
Blue shirts are £12 in Small to XL sizes, and £13 in XXL and XXXL.
£2 for postage, and I still take paypal.

If I’m out of stock, let me know the size you’re after so I can get more in and I’ll let you know when I do.

Chest sizes: S – 35/37″ M – 38/40″ L – 41/43″ XL – 44/46″ XXL – 47/49″ 3XL – 50/52″

Shortly after buying the UKFur shop I also acquired a lot of 2000 surplus stepper motors.

All boxes full of motors (ignore the SEM bits)

I strongly believe the future is in 3D printers, but there’s a big supply issue. Even the home-made machines tend to require you to already have a 3D printer to make parts for it.
The way around this is to make a bootstrapping machine to make the initial parts. A rep-strap.

The motors I have are smaller than those advised in the Reprap project, but I have my own take on it. I’m developing a small, semi-portable 3D printer, that should be fairly cheap and easy to modify. I’m looking at a sale price in the £200 range, and a quantity of around 500 machines.
Because of the small size of these printers, I’m dubbing it the Bonsai Repstrap.

It’s an ambitious project I know! But if you want to follow how things are going with it, take a look at..

The Creative Blog
I’ve set up a journal over at Dreamwidth as a stand-alone creative blog. While this won’t be strictly business related, it will include and business creations and day-to-day activities as well as my personal works.
Dreamwidth incorporates RSS feeds into the blogs, so you don’t have to sign up to follow it. It also accepts OpenID logins, so you can comment if you like.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

Jan 15 2010

The DreamWidth attacks..

Going to bed now, but it seems Dreamwidth is currently under an organised attack from a large group of Trolls, that are contacting their hosting provider, payment handling service, various reactionary protest groups and so on, with the apparent intent to disrupt the services operations. This in a non-trivial attack by the sounds of it, with a fair amount of organisation behind it. Taken to it’s conclusion it would destroy Dreamwidth.

As best I’m aware, Dreamwidth is not a big service yet, except in some small circles. If looking for motive, such an organised attack without gloating seems unlikely to be caused by roving internet trolls. Likewise DW isn’t aimed at people who would likely seek this sort of vengeance if kicked off it, at least not in the numbers required for this social-engineering attack. So that leaves it either an attack driven by one person with a grudge who has recruited others to do as they direct, or (as Dreamwidth is a business) corporate sabotage of a small but developing service which might be a rival in the blogging market. But a small company like DW wouldn’t be a threat to large services such as Blogger or WordPress, but might be to functionally similar services particularly if they’d already lost strength or value.

Didn’t LJ loose a huge chunk of its value and have to lay off staff after it was bought by someone with ties to the Russian mafia? Just thinking out loud..

Oh, and first post in this account at last.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

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