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Dec 21 2010

My Xmas “card” to you!

It’s been a pretty dire year, and I’ve let most of you know I can’t afford to send cards at the moment. It also hit me tonight I don’t have everyone’s emails any-more and sending directly to just a few didn’t seem right! So here’s my Christmas card-picture to you all.

An especial thank-you goes to those of you who’ve helped me out in these past few months, and to everyone I hope the year ahead is better than the one passed. Onward and upward and all that. :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all. X

Dec 15 2010

Dirty sketches

Uploaded a couple of naughty/cheeky sketches to FA.

Carefully placed sushii-roll
Wonderful sex-face sketch

The latter one will likely be added to in time.

Good to have the creative.. err.. juices flowing in other areas again too.

Nov 18 2010

Sci, you were a massive dofus.

One of things I’ve been taking on this week is sifting and transcribing the huge pile of old notes I have kicking about. A foot-tall pile of scraps and scrawled-on envelopes.
Most of them are going to be compiled into more succinct lists of ideas, information and so forth. Then the original mess can be tidily burnt, and I can process anything useful out of the notes.

I’ve just finished transcribing this gem though which will be avoiding the burn pile for the time being. It’s a handy reminder of how far I’ve come, even if it does make excruciating reading.

The bit that bugs me the most is that as I started transcribing it I figured it was something I’d written early in high-school, maybe around 13-14 years of age. But no, I hit the point where it talks about being 17 in past-tense. I was 18 years old and wrote like this? How was I never tested for dyslexia?
Maybe that’s for the best anyway considering how I wore my existing faults as a badge of pride then.

Anyway here it is, original spelling and obsession with commas preserved.

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Apr 11 2010

De-potted pure-red claws, sanded and drilled. Posted the small set, long set ready for collection at next LF meet.
Shore 80 castings came out nicely. Not all fully attached to velcro however. Not surprising since it’s stiffer. It’s not flexing enough to make full contact. Think I’ll cast the Shore 80’s separate, then mix a small amount more and use it to “glue” the pads to the velcro. Will take longer, but will be more reliable. Should also let me use the velcro more efficiently.

Doodled some in SAI.
Also progressed some other works a bit further.

Bedding down now. Edging sleep back toward normal.

Will see if I can rig my business site to incorporate this journal as a separate blog-line from the one on the front page.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

Apr 07 2010

It’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

..or “I’ll put it back on a Mature filter if someone complains”.

I’ve finally completed a bit of gift-art I started last year. Feels good to have it done at last. Hoping for some critique.

It’s only cheeky/suggestive, but the early comments of “is that robot doing her up the bum?” prompted me to list all the WIP stages as Mature. Now it’s done though, will wait and see what comments I get.

It’s furry art, and being listed as General will be visible to non-FA members.

The gothic lolita idea turned into a sort of maids outfit, but looks good anyway. Will probably spot corrections to make to the extreme lighting effect over the next few days.
Still happy about the extra time I took to research and locate authentic 60s-era fonts for the signage, the wear on the turnstile and the camera and marker-pen layers. I hope they give it more depth.

Next: Completing that character sheet, Kei’s sketch trade, and finishing playing-card inks.

If I finish in the workshop at 9, and I grab a bite to eat then draw, I finish around 1:30am. So need to shut down in the workshop around 7:30.

Oh yes, they’ll be workshop news tomorrow I dare say.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

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