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May 04 2011


Got some inks in SAI that’re going well, so thought I’d stream. :)

Watch live streaming video from scisketches at
Jan 30 2011

30min sketch

30min sketch. Rough image I’ve had in my head a while.

This is why I’d like to be able to draw faster. I could join in at Void Battles, and throw in blatant homages in the background, the unwritten background battles of NPCs, VCPD Blue, or whatever.

Guess what I was listening to on youtube? :P

Jan 11 2011

Tonights sketchiness – Claire/QD

QD, you are officially punked. Steampunked anyway!

Told you the outfit from that video would suit you! :D

Excuse it being a poor image, I broke out the A3 pad again so had to photograph it. I’ll scan it in parts if I get to cleaning it up.

Seeeee, I can draw people. Got some reasonable perspective into it too, but mostly just tried to make it flow nice. I’ll probably see a bunch of things to change come morning.

Dec 21 2010

My Xmas “card” to you!

It’s been a pretty dire year, and I’ve let most of you know I can’t afford to send cards at the moment. It also hit me tonight I don’t have everyone’s emails any-more and sending directly to just a few didn’t seem right! So here’s my Christmas card-picture to you all.

An especial thank-you goes to those of you who’ve helped me out in these past few months, and to everyone I hope the year ahead is better than the one passed. Onward and upward and all that. :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all. X

Dec 15 2010

Dirty sketches

Uploaded a couple of naughty/cheeky sketches to FA.

Carefully placed sushii-roll
Wonderful sex-face sketch

The latter one will likely be added to in time.

Good to have the creative.. err.. juices flowing in other areas again too.

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