A piss-poor scam premise

Just had a phonecall from “BT tech support”. Apparently there’s “corrupted temporary files on my computer”.


Them: Hello, am I speaking to Mr Turpin?

Me: Yes you are.

Them: Hello, my name is Chester, I’m calling from BT tecnical support about your phone and broadband service. We’ve been monitoring that there’s corrupted temporary files on your computer..

Me: Wait, so you’re intercepting my communications..?

“Chester”: Yes sir, we..

Me: You’re SPYING on my communications??

Chester: Well sir we’re from the research depar..

Me: The only way you could know there’s corrupted files on my computer is if you’re illegally monitoring my communications!!!

Chester: Ah, well sir..

Me: What did you say your name was?

Chester: Ah? Mr Turpin.

Me: No that’s MY NAME! Fuck off please!! *I hang up*


Just sayin’, a good scam probably isn’t one that starts by telling you they’ve done something illegal to you.