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Nov 11 2010

Digest on, few lil things..

The digest plugin has now been turned back on.

When I had to shut it off, I emailed the author to let them know of the problem. I thought this might help in the future whenever they got around to it.
What I didn’t expect was a series of instant email replies. the first within a few hours, the next couple rapid-fire as he found his own versions were displaying the same bug.
A day later and an updated version of Twitter Digest is available! And so far it seems to be working.

Very unexpected, and very welcome!

This morning my sister noticed a package for me stuffed behind the bins. Something to call the Royal Mail’s customer service line about, especially as there are 4 of us in the house at all times this week, and no one rang the bell.
The package turned out to be the “6 day delivery” cheapo ATX power supply I bought on ebay on sunday night for £20 including postage. It’s 650Watt and arrived in an unmarked box, with the supplies warrently label pre-voided, which is a concern. But since the old PSU was again unable to start this morning (it has had a problem with the 5v standby voltage), I swapped it in and it works. Phew!
The main PC is now somewhat more reliable.

The GU10 50Watt Dichoric halogens have also arrived, which will replace the blown ones in the portable lightbox and let me take product shots again.
As well, the Morse #2 Taper finishing reamer arrived, which will hopefully get the mill spindle back in shape. If not I’ll have to find a roughing reamer or taper-drill to give it an even more severe reaming. I should note though that finding a supplier online of those items is difficult, particularly the drill. What are you supposed to search for? “Morse taper drill” will give you thousands of drill bits with more taper shanks, but not intended to drill a morse-tapered hole. As best I can tell there’s no unique name for them.

Made myself a very nice dinner tonight; seafood in cream and white wine, served on a bed of rice.

I’m trying to relax after RBW so I can start doing things over from scratch the right way. Today felt all right. There was a peculiar predatory intensity in me. Oddly this may have simply have been down to clearing through my wardrobe and removing all the over-sized and poorly fitting items.
Result? Knowledge that whatever I pick, I’m going to look better in it that I would with the other items.

Have I really been that careless in my wardrobe choices? The collar was the only thing close to fitting me on some of these shirts. Jeez.

Nov 08 2010

Twitter explosion (and RBW)

I got a text from Outkast while I was out at RBW to let me know my Twitter digest had gone wrong and was repeating the entries upwards of 15 times.
I managed to find someone with a working laptop and log in. It seems the wordpress plugin’s problems are getting worse. I suspect this is due to Twitters format change which is also routinely screwing up my sig-image creator script.

I’ve deleted the master copies of those posts, which has carried on down the line and deleted them from the other blogs. The plugin’s been disabled until I can find an alternative that still works.

I appreciate people letting me know, and I know these mistakes can be annoying, but some of the emails I’ve come home to find (now my computer is working for the moment – power supply is in it’s death-throws) have been absurdly vitriolic. I’m sorry it’s spammed your LJ page twice with duplicate posts, but it’s not the end of the fucking world. Calm down.

Transport twattery aside, I had a good time at RBW. Still feeling disconnected from the community, but feel like I’m starting to get to know a few of them again. Also seemed to (at least partly) clear the air with a couple of folk.
Think I broke even, but with the panic issues I didn’t go into it very well prepared and haven’t properly tallied up yet. At least I’ll have some money to go back into the bank tho, which will hopefully smooth things until I’ve got everything re-assessed and re-prepared. I need to go back to base principles for a bit, and (in yet another instance) start over from scratch.

Oh, and my ferret shirts sold best of all.

I’m still pretty sleep deprived though, so after I get myself a massive cup of tea, I’m going to order a new power supply, make my bed and go to sleep without setting the alarm.

Jun 18 2010

WordPress plugin PHP annoyance

I’ll freely admit, I know little of XML, Javascript and PHP. It’s more than likely time I learnt them too.

There’s a small problem with one of the plugins I’ve tried to use. It’s the “Latest Youtube Videos” sidebar widget, for displaying a channels most recently uploaded videos. It seems like a handy one to have.

One small problem though is that it’s incompatible with the theme I’m using. The titles are all in a different style, and much larger than all other text. I looked in the code (shown here) and found some <h2> and <h4> tags hard-coded in, which I stripped out and it certainly improved the look.

The text still doesn’t match that of other sidebar widgets though. Now while the specifics escape me, it’s fairly obvious that the text it’s using isn’t being classified as the right sort of text to be displayed properly. I fudged around a bit, but only ended up making things worse. I’m fairly sure the $widget_area_title has to be classified as $title for it to be displayed like the other titles. Likewise the individual video titles would need to be classified as bulletpoints to get the nice little red dot beside each title.

So, pray tell if you please, what’s the instruction I’m missing?

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