May 29 2011

Twitter Updates for 29-05-2011

  • May have yelled "I love your books" to @WarrenEllis at the pub while a bit drunk. Sorry. :/ 00:37:59, 2011-05-29
  • High is gone, now just melancholy. Sad an alone. Why do I always go home alone? 00:38:34, 2011-05-29
  • Ballsed up the first bottling. Second bottling gone wrong as coffee filters aren't worth shit. Third bottling is in progress. 17:14:56, 2011-05-29
  • After I put the finings in, then I'm told it'll take 12hrs to a few days to clear. And if I don't it might give you the shits. Fucking hell. 17:21:38, 2011-05-29
  • Will see how it is tonight. Now worried it'll be drinkable but loose all it's fizz. 17:23:05, 2011-05-29

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