Apr 29 2012

Twitter Updates for 29-04-2012

  • It appears one of my expensive orders has gone missing in the post. Trying to find the tracking numbers. 13:52:10, 2012-04-29
  • @JamesGleick @Harkaway Next unbox video I do I'll be sure to softly moan when I first pull the cellophane apart & expose it's glossy card. in reply to JamesGleick 16:31:45, 2012-04-29
  • Hunting amid the peaks and valleys of Paperwork Mountain, seeking the postal receipt for an order shipped a month ago that hasn't arrived. 17:58:15, 2012-04-29
  • Panic over; found the shipping reference. Delivery attempted in the USA 20 days ago. Guess their postman didn't leave notice. Sent sign-for. 20:03:12, 2012-04-29
  • Now to deal with the bed now covered in papers. -_-; 20:04:14, 2012-04-29
  • Ebay seems to have jammed up. Basket not working, & item interested in vanishing & reappearing. 20:12:15, 2012-04-29

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