May 27 2012

Twitter Updates for 27-05-2012

  • What the hell is this? Changed the lens mounts on these webcams & suddenly none are seen by camera software anymore, but ARE detected by XP! 00:19:26, 2012-05-27
  • Before I go to Expo tomorrow will have to test original cam I experimented on, see if that still works fine. If so means 4 cams buggered. 00:26:41, 2012-05-27
  • Back from day out. However phone won't turn back on after being underground. Locks up at startup white screen. 23:57:14, 2012-05-27
  • Removed battery for a bit. Now got it charging a little before attempt to reactivate it again. :/ 23:58:42, 2012-05-27

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