Jun 09 2012

Couple of days wombling

So to reward myself for throwing out a bunch of shit, I went out and collected a bunch more shit.

Marquee tent fabric and some stripy sunscreen fabric

Large duct fan, lighting ballast, circuit tester

Bunch of laptop screens, some heatsinks, couple of gears

White Electrolux hoover (now dismanted)

Office light fitting, and again with emergency power battery

Combo printer, scanner, copier FAX MACHINE

Black & Decker strimmer

Disposable helium cylinder

And (on a technicality) a Zanusi fridge-freezer


The bulk came from a house up the road and I had a chat with the owner, so I knew most of it’s dead for it’s original purpose. Though of course I don’t know if that’s dead-dead or uneconomic-to-repair-dead..

Anyway, fabric may be used in a couple of costumes.

Duct fan has a dead motor. Already pulled it apart. AC outrunner motor, part of insulation is melted. Irreparable. May be able to replace motor, but tricky.

Ballast & circuit-tester, both fried, but ballast is fancy and may have internal parts salvagable, the tester may make a nice tiny enclosure.

Laptop screens have already been stripped down. They were very wet, but I only wanted the angled diffuser plastic anyway. May be used for a costume. Saved the EEE PC screen tho.

Heatsinks are usefully generic, but also big chunks of aluminium.

Hoover was from another place, apparently a bad switch. It wasn’t, it was full of fluff. SOLIDLY. And had been in the rain, so some had turned to clay. Also smelt of baby-puke. Stripped it down wearing gloves. De-fluffed motor and fan, tested it and it works. Earmarked that for vacuum-former project. Left housing to soak in disinfectant and hosed it down. The white plastic casing will likely be used for my pseudo-GlaDOS build.

One light fitting has a nice cast heatsink. May be useful for something. The glass looks nice. A bit Personality Core “Eye”, but will see (lol pun). The other has the big battery pack. Will see how functional that is and how/if it can be repurposed.

Combo printer will be torn down for the usual steppers, belts and steel rod and any bronze bushings.

The strimmer apparently just has a broken drive belt which the owner couldn’t replace except at silly cost. If I have one that fits I’ll return it to him, otherwise I’ll tear it down but I’m unsure what useful bits I’ll get from it.

The helium cylinder is about 9.5″ in diameter so I think it’s about the right size needed to make a chamber for the Hackspace vacuum coater/chamber. It’s technically a bit undersized, but it has the benefit over converting a propane cylinder of 1) Not having been filled with an explosive gas 2) Already having a hole in, so it’s definitely not under pressure 3) Being free and here already. ;P

The fridge-freezer is a technicality. My aunt was getting rid of it, so my mother brought it back with her on her recent trip to Sommerset. It’s the same age as my current fridge, but bigger and probably in better condition. So I increase food storage and decreas floor-space used. Only niggle is it’s going to have to go outside the kitchen in the “conservatory” to fit. Since it lay in the bus for a couple of days, leaving it standing for a day upright before turning it on again.

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