Aug 28 2012

Hackspace work

Spent the bank holiday monday at the Hackspace. Spent about 8 or 9 hours using the grinder and welder turning the salvaged box-section into the frame for the high-vacuum station. It went pretty well. Everything’s square to within a milimeter or two.

Wanted it done today to show progress before the welding gear goes off to EMF for the week.

I’ll finish it up when the gear comes back next week, or possibly earlier if I get a lift in and bring my own welder with me.

Basically it just needs some tack-welds fully welding up and the beveled console area at the back making up.

Some of the flat bar needs cutting too to make corner supports for the worktop. It’s some nice 1″ thick melamine coated stuff from the woodpile that should sit flush. The chamber base will sit recessed into it and the pump stack will hang underneath.

Some more box-section needs to go at the base too, but will be to support the backing pump and HV transformer, so will depend on where they fit best.

Also need someone to donate a scrap 19″ cabinet I can gut the mounting rails from. I’m trying to build in the facility for extra instrumentation later on.

And here’s a picture of Hipster after his EMF tank moved under it’s own power for the first time!

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