Sep 30 2018

Twitter Updates for 29-09-2018

  • I have spent the last half hour being aggressively and drunkenly complimented.
    I am sleepy and confused. 10:47:13, 2018-09-29
  • RT @loadsabooks: What a fucking laugh! A Conservative run council goes bankrupt under a Conservative government (of 8 years) and it's all L… 13:19:51, 2018-09-29
  • RT @SimonMaloy: this is fucking wild

    the Trump administration is arguing that climate change is both real and will be catastrophic — so… 15:40:19, 2018-09-29

  • RT @CosmoSnowmew: Oops… that's a nice little GDPR fine right there xD
    "MPs and journalists have had their phone numbers, email addresses… 15:40:48, 2018-09-29

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