Dec 12 2010

More computer faff

I know the motherboard throttles the CPU fan to keep noise down, so part of me’s wondering if it’s that that’s fouling up. But then when it’s not been running at power-up manually spinning it has got it going, so it sure seems to be the fan itself.

Since it’s the only fan other than the power supply, I’ll hook a case fan to the CPU connector and the CPU fan to the case-fan connector. That should determine it pretty absolutely.

In the meantime I’ve got CPUID Hardware Monitor running on the 2nd monitor showing me the fan speed and CPU temp. The annoying thing is that I already have Rainmeter running, but it requires support-programs to be open as well to add those readouts to it so there’s no point.

It actually makes me want to switch over to Linux again, because I know something like Conky can have any system resource tied to it. Likewise it could also show the UPS status and more, all in a background monitor.

If I do some housekeeping on my boot disk, I may be able to dual-boot again. Hmm.

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