Apr 30 2011

Twitter Updates for 30-04-2011

  • Got distracted from reconciling my bank statements by entering my total phone history with Orange into a spreadsheet. 00:33:56, 2011-04-30
  • I now know the average amount of use I actually get from my phone. About 35min of calls a month & 207 texts. Texts peak at 480 in May 2009. 00:36:41, 2011-04-30
  • Average may be around the 200 mark, but it peaks over a lot, sometimes over 300. When it goes over, it goes over by a lot. 00:39:03, 2011-04-30
  • Sad thing is I'd still be paying less on just about ANY PAYG plan. And this is on contract. 00:39:52, 2011-04-30
  • Grabbing some tea and cake. Going to finish getting the bank statements into GnuCash and call that it for tonight. 01:03:10, 2011-04-30
  • Just realised you have to be VERY careful not to miss the apostrophe in "who're" 02:00:12, 2011-04-30
  • O2 have a PAYG plan called "Simplicity". £10 top-up gets you unlimited texts & £2.50 of credit. Sounds decent so far. 02:16:38, 2011-04-30
  • Don't understand why the tariff is £5.50 *more* if you go for it as a contract though. wth? 02:21:26, 2011-04-30
  • RIGHT. Business statements are transferred and updated. Will do the rest of the accounts tomorrow/sunday. Now, bed. 02:42:16, 2011-04-30
  • A storage idea just hit me that's either fantastic or really stupid! 03:51:05, 2011-04-30
  • Americans! You might like to know that in the UK a "trump" is also a word for a fart. #donald 12:32:54, 2011-04-30
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/HiHuiDD_oTk?a Is your Cat confused about the referendum on the voting system 12:43:18, 2011-04-30
  • Off to a park. 14:22:24, 2011-04-30

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