May 04 2010


finishing up in workshop.

now unhappy with chocolate colouring. Too red. Will remix after CF most likely now.

Rainbow demo set setting in heated cabinet.

Razor series claws first mass casting, setting. Pink Shore 40 nose also, replacement 80S black heel-pad for Velcro footpad display.

Cargo pram also modified and probably sound. Must check allocated train seat and judge position relative to baggage storage. Will carry as much by backpack as possible.

Naruto headbands also almost complete. Hope to be shot of them after so long!

Order of 20 DPFs also being shipped by 1st-class tomorrow. Should arrive in time.

Several displays still need a lot of work, also need to type up, print and laminate point-of-sale, and also print product information leaflets.
Additionally, must work out how to change IRQ assignment for laptops wifi card. Hotel has free wifi apparently and will make uploading icons much easier and cheaper than using phone as modem.
Also must complete and print door art.

Will see about acquiring a haircut tomorrow. Must finish catching up with finances also so I know how much I have in way of food budget.

Mum also intending to provide necklace making materials for my defective claws to sell.

Need to make up several bags of each type for direct sales.

1st Razor batch; 75g leaves underfilled. Go 100g next. Place large end slightly elevated to float level. Learn new fill levels and clean mould lips. Otherwise, good reproduction.

[20/06/2010: Amalgamating old posts from “Dreamwidth Creative Blog” into to re-purpose DW blog account.]

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