Jun 19 2012

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Jun 18 2012

Okay, I can appreciate some of the nuances of whiskey and scotch but they’re REALLY not the sort of thing my pallet craveds.


Crav.. no, that’d.. that’s right.


Jun 18 2012

Reasonably sure that a sign of irreversable failure in a government is when, seeing consistant or increasing failures in proceedure, the rules are changed to furthur embed those procedures rather than correct or replace them. It seems to be a pattern where a countries governmental system as an entity becomes tired of dealing with corrective matters stemming from their previous choices and simply decides to make the reporting of the problems harder. From the perspective of that system, the problems suddenly decrease massively and the act is considered a sucess, whereas outside it the system has lost all ability to get feedback for poor choices and now is destined to head on toward catastrophic and unseen failure.

A metaphor might be someone throwing out their bathroom scales because they don’t want to think of the weight they’re putting on. Or company management firing anyone who complains. Someone moving the suggestion-box to the top floor. Making people loose their income if they complain about their working conditions.

I’m sure there’s plenty more.

Jun 18 2012

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Jun 17 2012

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