Jul 24 2011

Evening at the “spa” (NSFW)

WARNING: This post is NSFW (not safe for work). Click through the cut only on this proviso.

As I settle down to wind down the evening with a icy glass of Martini Russo, and before I settle down to wanking myself into oblivion before bed, I want to note down the activities of this evening at the “spa”.

It’s been a shitty week. The first girl I’ve hooked up with in a few years, over a period of 2 or 3 “dates” in 3 weeks became increasingly obsessive. Seeing how dependant she was acting after these we agreed to just be friends (agreeing to the “with benefits” part was a mistake, I admit), she kept messaging and phoning me though, asking worryingly desperate things like to come and just watch me work, or taxi me places. Even after I asked her to back off, and she agreed, she started sending messages again with the same frequency. It came to a head on Wednesday when I got out of the shower to find two text messages from her; one asking if I wanted to go to the movies and the next, half an hour later, angry at me for ignoring her messages and her. Immediately after telling her I hadn’t been ignoring her, but **was** going to be now, she says she’s killing herself.

After seeing each other once a week for under a month.

Told her not to, called an ambulance, explained the situation, my tenuous relationship, where she and her parents lived (separate nearby address), and left it to the hands of the professionals. While I hope she’s not dead, I have no idea and I’m trying not to look back. I haven’t had anyone pull anything like that level of passive-aggressive blackmail on me in a long time, and I’m sure as shit not putting up with it now.

Ties. Broken.

Haven’t heard anything back from the police, so I’m presuming that means nothing came of it. I suspect they’d have questions if she were dead. I’d like to know, but breaking links has to be total or she’ll try to get back in.

EDIT: Been informed she’s still alive and apparently fine. Apparently she’s updating her FB as usual

I may have stood my ground, but it was a nasty blow to me. That sort of behaviour strikes me pretty deep, because I basically care about people. First girl in so long, goes nuts, extremist emotional blackmail. Ouch.

Mercifully my old friend Cat had weeks prior asked me to join her at a naturist spa she’d been to. I’d never been naked around strangers, so was eager to find if I was as comfortable being there as I was with people I knew. However I did have second thoughts after the events of this week, knocking me back somewhat.

I’m very glad I went though. The first thing I did was vent to Cat to explain my headspace and get the stress out in the open so I could actually relax. Unpleasant way to start an evening out, but necessary or it would have hung over my head.

Getting naked was a bit worrying at first, but the fact we were given towels to wrap ourselves in really really helped ease into it. It got comfortable very easily through the evening.

We started off in the biggest jacuzzi at the same time as a lot of other people turned up. Singles are sort of swept out as the couples evening begins. Apparently on the general nights there’s a lot of lecherous guys. We stopped for our chat in one of the private rooms and the manager knocked on the door twice checking for stowaways hiding there.

We hopped back and forth between the steam room and cold pool a few times, did some swimming and chatted about life out in the garden. While out there, saw a young apparently Icelandic lady, very cheerful, petite and delightfully curvaceous with the most amazingly perfect bosom I’ve seen in a long time!
After we had a bite to eat we went and sat in one of the smaller jacuzzi, and became very aware of a couple in each one “bouncing” increasingly on the laps of their partners.
Bit disconcerting though when you realise what’s touching your ankle is the spasming leg of the guy involved in the act.

After giggling and subtly ogling, decided to head back to the sauna, then the steam room.

Not sure of the etiquette in walking into a steam room where two people are fucking. They left the room shortly after though, so got the feeling non-interactive persons present wasn’t what they were after.

I got a tender, heartfelt massage from Cat after another dip in the cold pool. Something of a curative time, making soft motions and expressive sounds that seemed to say more than more selective descriptions.
The moment we left the room, the petite Icelandic lady and a very large man went straight in. Hope they had a great time in there! XD

On the way back to the (now empty) steam room, got another eyeful or two. It’s pretty obvious that if you walk past a “private” room, the door is being held open by a guy while a cute brunette is gobbling eagerly on his huge black cock, they probably don’t exactly mind you watching.

Rather suspect couples night is a semi-informal swingers night, or for similar hookups. Was a surprisingly relaxing atmosphere though. Sex is so demonised as a private thing, it felt good to see people just getting on with it in an informal atmosphere. Okay, I’m sure it was probably a kink in itself to them, but it felt natural to see. Almost concerned I wasn’t wandering around with a boner all evening! But hey, unless I’m involved, it’s just people getting on with something fun and natural between themselves.

Clientèle was probably mostly 20-40, with a few notably older people wandering around. Apparently one of them had a bit of a fall before we’d arrived and an ambulance had been called. Ouch. :/

Apparently the place is open until 7am, which makes me a little sad we had to head off at only 11. But a lovely first time there. :)

Eyeing up the people on the way home, suddenly so much easier to visualise them naked. So many nice bottoms! And a very cute almost-lolita gothic girl on the Central line; petite, curvy with pouting lips you just know would give amazing head.

The whole evening felt like something that could get very addictive. :)

Feeling reinvigorated! And horny! XD

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