Sep 21 2011

Fitted a HDD up to the machine I found a few weeks back, have loaned it to the hackspace as the new lasercutter PC since the old one died.

Picked up a 99p ankle brace from Walthamstow. It’s worked wonders. All I’ve noticed is how uncomfortable my new shoes are.

Looked over the brazing hearth at the space again. The adapter I brought appears to be visually similar but a slightly different tread. Have brought home all the fittings to try and work something out.
Frame needs welding and there’s some firebrick missing. Possibly asbestos. :P

Feeling pretty shattered. Going back to the space tomorrow afternoon to look over the diffusion pump that’s being donated. Will take the bus in. Will be a LOT cheaper.

Sep 21 2011

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Sep 20 2011

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Sep 19 2011

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Sep 18 2011

There’s been some very bad news in the last few days here. It’s not my place to go into detail, but it’s a family thing and it’s 8 or 9 out of 10 on the severity scale.

I wonder if it’s actually made things here more active or if it just seems that way because we’re all concentrating on other things more to avoid dwelling on it.

Today I made banana bread, took my old large degass chamber to the hackspace, collected a gas fire to use in getting the brazing hearth there working, fixed their room fan, tidied up a little and collected a couple of bits.

In the evening went to Nile’s bday do and socialised a bit more. Was a good time, and got things out of my head for a bit.

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