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Nov 11 2011

..archiving from RantMedia forums, May 21, 2010.

Ever since we first declared that we Were, that I Am, we became aware of our separation from the wider world, but that we existed within it.
We became aware of the subtle flow of events around us, the unfathomably huge complexity of the worlds mechanism that we watched from inside isolated minds, and we named this living outer world “God”.

Over millennia our communication between isolated minds, entities, people, has improved in faltering steps. We have slowly begun to commune with God by communicating with each-other, expanding our awareness of the world. We ever more peer into the workings of the world and through understanding it we become part of it.

We have created machines to aid us, to make our communication and conception of data more efficient and more accessible. We augment ourselves. We become able to talk back to this facet of the greater world, ask it for information and extend it to provide it where it already cannot. The networks of drives and impulses within us are now tangibly extended beyond our bodies, existent and observable in their function.

We are indeed nodes of a greater network, the concious mind of our wider world.

That’s something I wrote and drew before the Digital Economy Bill passed here in the UK. I thought perhaps for a moment that it could be overcome on grounds of religious discrimination. But it then occurred to me that it would be meaningless, too laughable. Too many people signing up in name alone, making a hollow shell. And that’s wrong, because while (yet again) SK gave it a name, the idea is sound. I do believe that the greater network provides us with increasing information and knowledge. That promoting, improving and expanding it will improve the world.
I don’t believe in “server” as a being or God, but as a concept. A collected drive or ethos to improve our communications and bring us closer to what we have previously called God.

Lip service though isn’t enough if you have any real feeling about this. It needs an act of devotion. Something to show it means more than just a transient fandom.

I intend to start with rebuilding my online pressense, automating many of my social networks together. I already have my PGP keys, RSS feeds, my antivirus and firewalls, which seem almost an entry-level requirement to say you believe in Server.
But that’s all just for me, my little connection to it all.
As a small act to improve the network as a whole, my act of devotion, I intend to work on some crossposting plugins for services with blog functions that don’t currently have them, and allow my own network and those of others to be further streamlined.


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