Sep 06 2011

Bathtime thoughts

There’s an old adage that “there’s no money in a cure” when talking about pharmaceutical companies. It’s wrong though, from a single angle. There is money in a cure; when the treatment is the main product of your competitor.

Was also thinking about Scientology.
There’s a disconnect in understanding them I think. While we joke about Xenu and so forth, we’re not thinking about it from their perspective. If they’re so far into the “church” that they know that big ultimate truth, then they’ve been conditioned to KNOW that learning of these things without conditioning will KILL YOU.
I can only conclude then that either those who’re exposed to the protesters shouting about Xenu & the whole alien-souls backstory are either never going to be allowed so high in the organisation to be told of its alleged importance or are so high in the org that they know it’s bullshit (unlikely, as there would need to be thousands that high in base-level jobs for those to be the only type exposed). I conclude this because if the ones being shouted at knew what their cults own stance on that knowledge was, the fact these unconditioned protesters were not dropping dead from the knowledge would expose a fundamental chink in the armour.
Of course I rather suspect that there’s a third or fourth option, possibly in the form some sort defined of natural enemy of Scientology who I’m unaware of who can be exposed to the info & live with the express purpose of harming the cult, or that the definition of the information destroying/killing you is in a more metaphorical or spiritual sense.

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